Hughes scores in Superior as time expires….


NickMoore Hotel visitor and Washington Capitals hockey fan John Hughes celebrates the purchase of a vintage Caps jersey at a Superior, Wisconsin newstand.
NickMoore Hotel guest and Washington Capitals hockey fan John Hughes celebrates the purchase of a vintage jersey from a Superior, Wisconsin newstand.

Here’s John Hughes, the veteran Washington D.C. journalist entering the backroom of Globe News now..on the road in Superior, Wisconsin, looking to score a Spiderman comic book…always tough to find good deals on the road…

Time’s running out… just 15 minutes to closing…Hughes scans the store….packed with sports cards, coins, toys and trash culture nostalgia. He darts down the left side, past the floor-to-ceiling shelves of CDs…he dives up the middle into a half-dozen cafeteria tables filled with comic book boxes… He looks right. He looks left. He bends down and starts digging…

“Whataya looking for?” asks the proprietor. This man’s in a hurry. Sounds like he’s got to pick up a friend. Can’t be late. He’s putting on a coat….Fans, there will be no overtime.

“Spiderman,” yells Hughes. “Incredible Hulk too.”

Looks like the proprietor keeps his star players on the bench, out of sight.

“I’ve got a few of them over here,” he says and dumps a small pile on the glass countertop near the cash register.

Hughes looks up. Turns and heads for the counter like Esposito for a loose rebound.

Wait. Hughes stops.

“Hey, look at this,” he says.

And there it is. Bright red. Hanging from a pole…above shelves filled with action figures, toy race cars and other sports memorabilia…

“What is it?” says a friend.

“A Washington Capitals jersey. Can you believe it? $25 bucks!”

“Yours for 20,” says the proprietor.

HE SCORES…HE SCORES..John Hughes scores as time expires.

Oh, what an unexpected ending to this one.

“What’s a Capitals jersey doing in Superior, Wisconsin?” asks Hughes. “This thing is going to be in the Verizon Center on Wednesday…”

Yes, the veteran from D.C. pulls out yet another last second road win!!

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