“Minnesota or Wisconsin?”


The Packers and Vikings are scheduled to play football in Minneapolis this Sunday so it’s a perfect time to launch my new Nick Up North reader participation game. It’s called: “Minnesota or Wisconsin?”

Duluth is many things, including a border town. When I look out the second floor office window of our Lakeside home I can see the darkened shores of Douglass County. Wisconsin is that close. It’s a 15 minute drive through town and over the Blatnik Bridge to downtown Superior. Wisconsin is that close. The cheese I buy at the grocery store comes from Wisconsin cows and I recently purchased a New Glarus beer from a rumrummer working a rock show in Duluth.

We live in the “Twin Ports.”

So, the new “Minnesota or Wisconsin?” game will take advantage of this unique geographical situation.

Here’s how the game works: Nick Up North will post occasional pictures without a caption, description or any indication of the photo location. Readers will study the picture and guess where it was made: Was the picture taken in Wisconsin or Minnesota?

On Sunday, I will post the correct answer.

For readers who live, work or have visited Minnesota and Wisconsin, the game will challenge your cultural, topographical and historical knowledge of the two states. For readers who have never dined in the dairy state or jumped into one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes – hey, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

And that’s pretty much the same odds for the Packers and Vikings this Sunday.


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