Winter winds can’t stop this ride next to Lake Superior

No need for snow tires on this December bike ride just a better microphone to help celebrate the experience.

The north shore of Minnesota is usually buried under snow drifts and ice sheets in early December. Lake Superior acts like a snow storm magnet and Canada can deliver a cold kick to the gut right around Thanksgiving.

Not this year.

Winter 2015 has yet to make an appearance.

Which means I can stay out of the gym and on the road.

If you don’t mind the wind.

Riding with the wind you feel like Superman. It’s like pedaling a sail boat. Hills aren’t noticeable. Distance isn’t a factor. Your legs just want to keep moving because they had steroids for breakfast.

Turning back into high velocity lake winds is a different story.

Without noticing, someone tied a dead shark to the back of your bike. You can’t crouch low enough behind your handlebars. The wind pounds your face like endless rogue waves.

Now try shoot a video while you pedal.

But I had to do it.

It was December in the northland and I was still rolling on my Huffy. Something to celebrate.

Just make sure to turn on the “Closed Caption” button if you want to ride along.


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