Minnesota or Wisconsin? #2

Is this church in Wisconsin or Minnesota. No googling. God is watching.
Is this church in Wisconsin or Minnesota? No Googling. God is watching.

Pray you get this one right.

Yes, it’s another intallment of the “Minnesota or Wisconsin?” game. Nick Up North readers can guess which state this photograph was made and qualify for a chance to win a two-night stay at the NickMoore Hotel Duluth.

I made this photograph a few weeks ago in my travels around the Twin Ports. It’s sort of a throw back to my “Back road Country Churches of Maine” photo series I produced on Mark in Maine.

I guess I just can’t pass an old place of worship without a second look. Something about the simplistic and sturdy architecture that makes them beautiful and photogenic. Little churches like this are undeniable symbols of the faith, dedication and endurance people needed to build and settle in such inhospitable climates. Qualities I like.

Anyway, guess away and I’ll post the correct location on – you guessed it – Sunday.

And no Googling!

God is watching.


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