Wisconsin or Minnesota: Super Ice Sculpture

It's a work of art, yes, but how does it make you feel?
It’s a work of art, yes, but how does it make you feel?

We celebrate winter in strange ways here in the north country.

Take this ice sculpture for example.

A Twin Ports sculptor has created a work of art using water, wires, subzero temperatures and a lawn sprinkler attached to a flag pole. The piece has been authorized by civic leaders and is the centerpiece of a “Winter Frolic” organized by a chilly Lake Superior community.

So what does this 50-foot frozen drive-in movie theater screen represent? What is the artist trying to say? Is the piece a commentary on life inside a parka? I’ll leave that to the art critics.

The real question here is where do art lovers have to go to look this icy Picasso in the eye? Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Take your best guess, you have a 50-50 chance of winning. Enter your guess in the comment section below. Correct guesses will qualify for a two-night stay at the NickMoor Hotel.

The best analysis and interpretation of the ice sculpture will serve as the tie breaker.

Keep in mind NickMoor Hotel winners can redeem their prize only on weekends and ONLY in January and February.

That’s when the north country holds its best celebrations.



2 thoughts on “Wisconsin or Minnesota: Super Ice Sculpture

  1. Superior Wisconsin’s Lake Superior Ice Festival this coming weekend is the site but the artist is a Minnesotan. A ghostly masted sailing vessel arising from a polar vortex wind whipped Lake. Or the Chinook blew, inspiring a quick line of wash to appear as a weary northerner longed for the fresh air smell of sun dried sheets. Just that fast an Alberta clipper caught those wind whipped sheets as a thunderstorm edge squeezed through and caught the billowing cotton in the converging weather fronts. Thank you for sharing!

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