Call me a Duluth booster

Duluth is hot right now, just like it was 50 years ago. Not temperature hot, of course, but “great place” hot. Here’s the evidence: Duluth received top honors from national outdoors and bike magazines, the outgoing mayor was touted for rejuvenating the city, a national retail company built a new corporate headquarters downtown, population has grown in the 21st … More Call me a Duluth booster

Luxury box, laptops and studying at rink side

Duluth may be the only school in the world where students can study at a hockey rink. The University of Minnesota Duluth Sports and Health Center includes a regulation size ice hockey rink with a glass-in study lounge overlooking center ice. The space features a lattice wood ceiling, carpeting, numerous small tables and odd-shaped upholstered chairs. … More Luxury box, laptops and studying at rink side

Fearless trees, endless water: Great pictures

  You’ve heard of tree huggers, I’m a tree shooter. I’ve become attracted to frozen, dormant trees silhouetted against vast bodies of water. The dark, skeletal trees contrast with the endless blue sea and bright sky. The scene creates a tension between apparent death and endless life. Throw in a killer wave or heavy ice chunks and … More Fearless trees, endless water: Great pictures