NickMoore Hotel announces new Duluth location

NickMoore Hotel owners Jennifer Moore and Mark Nicklawske on the deck of the the future NickMoore Duluth. (Photo by home inspector Paul Bushinski)
Hotel magnates Jennifer Moore and Mark Nicklawske on the deck of the future NickMoore Hotel Duluth.
(Photo by home inspector Paul Bushinski)


Stunning Lake Superior views, a two-block walk to fine dining and cozy, private sleeping quarters steps way from backyard gardens are just some of the fine amenities featured at a new, soon-to-open Duluth hotel.

NickMoore Hotel owners announced today a purchase agreed for a new property in the Chester Park neighborhood of Duluth. A sale closing has been scheduled for May 10.

“We’re excited about welcoming guests to our new location,” said NickMoore Hotel co-owners  Mark Nicklawske and Jennifer Moore in a joint statement. “We have been scouring Duluth for the last three months and finally found a property that meets our high standards.”

Nicklawske and Moore expect the four-bedroom hotel will be open for business later this summer.

“We plan to spend the later part of May moving furniture and buttoning things up at our temporary Lakeside location,” said Nicklawske. “Does anybody have a large delivery truck?”

Moore said interior decorating and renovations will begin in June.

The owners need to identify a new “chickadee wall,” a television hiding place and possible music room. Moore is already shopping for a new sofa and Nicklawske is planning to turn the front porch into a juke joint.

As with any new hotel properties, there are issues.

“Wall-to-wall carpeting just doesn’t belong in a kitchen, especially when Mark does the cooking,” said Moore.

Contractors will also have to address a master bathroom issue. A jacuzzi and mirrors on the ceiling dominate the space.

“I like to take showers,” said Nicklawske, “And I don’t need to see if the top of my head is clean.”

The new hotel is located on a dirt road near the corner of 17th Avenue and 8th Street. Guests can make a 20-minute walk up the hill to the University of Minnesota Duluth campus to see Professor Moore in action or take a 2 minute skateboard ride down hill to the shores of Lake Superior for a swim.

“We look forward to sharing the highlights and hidden secrets of the great city of Duluth with all our guests,” said the couple.

Nicklawske and Moore operated the NickMoore Hotel in Bangor, Maine, for three years before relocating to Duluth, Minnesota, in 2015. No NickMoore Hotel guests were lost in any Maine snowstorms, although one couple was forced to ride by dog sled to Boston.

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