Massive waves pound Duluth ship canal: Video at 10

The Duluth ship canal looked like an overfilled bath tub yesterday.

Waves big enough to take down a tug boat rolled across the concrete piers and just snuck under the lift bridge deck. On either side of the canal, Lake Superior pounded the shoreline with white water, rain and heavy winds.

The temperature was 35 degrees.

Just another spring day in day in Duluth.

During and afternoon visit, a local weatherman told me the waves were among the biggest he’s ever seen in Canal Park. He and a camera man had just interviewed a tourist in the warmth of the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center.

“Winds are going to pick up tonight,” he said. “So the waves should be even bigger.”

So Jen & I went back to Canal Park after dinner.

I shot some storm video of waves assaulting the south pier. I took shelter behind a moss-covered concrete breakwater and braced the camera against the roaring winds. The misty air and faded evening light made the scene look like an angry, impressionistic painting.

And then a huge wave hits.

And the water overflows the bath tub walls.



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