Jacuzzi vs. shower: I need to get clean fast

Jen in the jacuzzi at the NickMoore Hotel
Jen in the Jacuzzi at the NickMoore Hotel

I’m a shower guy.

But it has to be a big shower. A shower that drops water over my head. Those rainfall shower heads are the best. But even just a regular shower head perched somewhere above eye level will do the job. Lots of water from head to toe.

A shower that shoots spray at my nipples? Unacceptable.

So this shower thing can be a problem for the “Tallest Nicklawske That Ever Lived.”

But as much as I hate showering in a phone booth, I don’t think I’ve ever bathed in a Jacuzzi. Who has time for bathing in a Jacuzzi? Filling up the tub. Turning on the jets. Measuring out the Mr. Bubble. I need to get clean fast.

It’s like traveling overseas: I’m going to take a 747 not the Love Boat.

Which brings me to our newly purchased NickMoore Hotel in Duluth. The master bath has no shower. The bathroom features a 1980’s era Jacuzzi surrounded by lots of mirrors and gold leaf.

Some may call it groovy. Others may call it a deal breaker. Jen and I called it a bit, well, dated.

Oh sure, the Jacuzzi has some goofy shower hook-up I could use in a pinch but I might knock my knees on the gold-plated waterfall faucet. When I take a shower I need a door. At the very least a good curtain. Water has a funny way of going all over the place. The floor. The walls. Tall people even have to worry about shampoo on the ceiling.

And did I mention the ceilings in this bathroom have mirrors?

Ewww. Who owned this place in 1983? Hugh Hefner?

The first line of business at the NickMoore Hotel is a master bath remodeling project.

Contractors are coming in the day after closing.

I’m thinking about a nice walk-in shower with subway tile walls, river rock floors and a shower head as big as an umbrella.

Anyone wanna buy a used Jacuzzi?

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