Diving into the Deeps

The Deeps are located on Amity Creek in Lester Park on the east end of Duluth.
The Deeps are located on Amity Creek in Lester Park on the east end of Duluth.

Ya, this is the Deeps.

We’d come here all the time. Beautiful. I think the last time I was here was 1968, that’s when I left Duluth. We come back now and again but usually in the winter. Live in California now, so I miss the winter. But it’s nice here in the summer too, isn’t it?

Yea, I used to jump, just might do it again.  That up there is what they call “The Pines.” You gotta run a little bit to clear the rocks. This down here is “The Bell.” It’s a little lower but you gotta jump out a little more. I don’t remember what they call that lower one anymore. It’s safe. We used to say it was 30 feet deep, but then they had some divers go down there and they figured it was 100 feet deep. Nobody’s gonna get to the bottom of this thing.

It’s good to see this place, so many of the other places we used to go are gone…The Dairy Queen on Arrowhead. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they got some big building going up. That Dairy Queen is long gone.

Back here for a reunion, I guess you could call it that. One of my brothers died this winter and we couldn’t get everyone here until now. There was 13 of us. We lived up on Martin Road, you know where that is? There was nothing up there back then. Just open space. Good place to grow up.

Moved to California in ’68. Burbank, California. Worked as a plumber for a long time. Worked at a restaurant when I first got out there. Sold some fencing for a guy. Then got into plumbing. Burbank has grown like crazy. Wouldn’t recognize it anymore. It’s a Mexican now, so it’s gotten pretty bad…

OK, I gotta do it. Here, hold my cigarette, I’m gonna jump….





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