A moose goes skating

At least I got to ice skate, and everyone knows moose like to ice skate.

Nick finally pulls me outta his closet and decides to wear me. But what do we do? We go back to Wisconsin.

Now, I don’t want to tell my whole life story, I did that once already. In short, I was knit and heavily worn in Maine many years ago. When my owner got sick, we were both hauled off to Wisconsin. After a few years in Polk County, my owner died and I wound up at a rummage sale. They said I was only worth 50-cents.

Nick plucked me from the sale. He saved me from life as a pet rug in some barn outside Hayward.

Nick and Jen took me back to Maine, and for three years I was home. Whoopie pies. Eastern Maine High School Basketball. Candlepin bowling. Snow. Cold. Lots and lots of woods. I loved it.

Then we moved to Duluth, Minnesota.

Up north.

But the first thing we do together is go ice skating in Superior: Superior, Wisconsin.

Okay, so I have bad Wisconsin memories. Being piled up at a rummage sale with turtlenecks and t-shirts will do that to a moose sweater. But the Lake Superior Ice Festival was a grand event.

Pond hockey, bonfires, food trucks, a beer tent. The best part was when Nick strapped on the old ice skates and we went for a few spins around Superior Bay.

Take it from this big moose: Ice skating is the greatest form of exercise on the planet. That sharpened steel on frozen water defies gravity. It generates a speed that blurs your vision and amplifies sound. Blades carve deep into the ice, making each stride feel like thunder in your legs. Yes, it’s choppy and slippery sometimes, but cut a sharp corner or glide along the rink edge and your whole body feels like it’s locked on rails.

So ya, Wisconsin ain’t so bad.  It’s good to be out of the closet and back outside where it’s cold. The blades are still sharp and this old moose can still skate backwards.

Does anyone have a helmet – modified to fit over antlers?


One thought on “A moose goes skating

  1. Did you reverse that moose up over your head and catch a free ride on the wind in one direction?
    ou could probably pick up more speed there than on Silver. Sounds like fun!


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