Deer in the alley

A couple of teenage deer strolled down our alley looking for food on a snowy afternoon last week.

A small herd of deer like to hike up and down our alley.

I snapped this picture last week after a snowfall. These two teenagers strolled across the front yard looking for food while I worked on my truck in the garage driveway. They munched on an evergreen bush and tossed occasional sideways glances at me.

I tried to get closer but they became wary and strolled to the other side of a nearby house.

A short time later a neighbor walked down the alley. He was pushing his two children in a three-wheel baby carriage.

“Beware of the deer,” I told him.

He laughed.

“Yes, we see them all the time,” he said. “They like to come around early on garbage day.”

I guess Duluth deer are just raccoons with long legs and hooves.

One thought on “Deer in the alley

  1. Nick, thanks for sharing the photo and interesting tidbit about the deer. Friendly and hungry I guess. Quite the closeup.


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