Minnesota or Wisconsin or Kitty Hawk?

It’s the “Minnesota or Wisconsin?” game with an added twist: “What is it?”

Perhaps you didn’t know there was a third Wright brother who decided not to experiment with flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Instead of testing his inventions on the Atlantic Coast, he moved to the shores of Lake Superior and developed his own futuristic transportation ideas.

Utilizing the strong lake winds, eight months of frozen ice and annual snowfall totals approaching 15-feet, Grover Wright knew the northland supplied the best natural laboratory in the nation.

He moved all his tools, machinery and equipment from Ohio and set up a new shop. As his brothers gave birth to man-made flight and revolutionized the world, Grover spent decades tinkering with bizarre and misguided transportation inventions.

Needless to say Grover was a total failure. Disowned by his brothers Wilbur and Orville, he died in obscurity.

Some of his early work remains littered about on a piece of property at his former workshop location in Minnesota. Or is it Wisconsin?

Take you best guess as to which state Grover Wright established his aviation workshop. As a tie breaker, explain his ideas behind the above pictured object.

Leave your guess in the comment section below. As always, the winner is eligible for a weekend night stay at the NickMoore Hotel in Duluth.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota or Wisconsin or Kitty Hawk?

  1. Wisconsin – this is an “Air Powered Snomobile”… like an air boat from Gentle Ben but for snow. I have never heard of Grover Wright, but I’ll say Ohio.


  2. This looks like one of the “snow scooter” ideas that was pitched to Walter Schmitt back in the day. The pitchman’s name was not Grover, however. To his great regret, Walter passed on the crazy idea. The rest is history! His introduction to this crazy ideas was in Minnesota – Duluth, to be exact.


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