Grand Marais magic

Grand Marais harbor at sunset, May 26, 2017.

The sky put on a magic show during our stay at Grand Marais last weekend.

Jen and I hiked out to the harbor light house as the sun was going down behind Cook County hills Friday night. We were staying in town for the Le Grand Du Nord gravel cycling race.

I endured the painful joy of bicycling 50 miles through the northern Minnesota woods and Jen helped keep the 200 riders going as a volunteer rest stop manager. Neither task is an easy one.

But Grand Marais is easy everywhere else: The World’s Best Donuts, Voyageur Brewing, we even saw singer-songwriter, bike-machine Ben Weaver perform at the Fireweed Bike Coop. Great stuff.

On our last night in Grand Marais, we climbed the rocks on the western side of the harbor. It’s tricky in spots and we continued with a little acrobatic tumbling. Two teenage girls that looked like twins were ahead of us. A woman carrying a six-month-old puppy was behind us. A frog roared somewhere out of sight.

When we got to the edge of the pier a small boat passed the light house and the setting sun caught its starboard side.

And then the day disappeared again.

A boat passes the Grand Marais harbor light.





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