For immediate release: NickMoore Hotel crews improve guest room views

The NickMoore Hotel grounds crew take down a pesky elm that had been blocking downtown Duluth harbor views.

A large and unsightly elm tree was removed by the NickMoore Hotel grounds crew from the backyard of a downhill neighbor June 20.

NickMoore Hotel guests will now see a greatly improved downtown Duluth and harbor view.

“We’re pleased with the speed and efficiency of our work crew and we think guests will be happy with the improved views of the city skyline,” said NickMoore hotel co-owner Mark Nicklawske. “Now if we could just remove a couple of unsightly pine trees in another yard.”

The NickMoore Hotel negotiated the tree removal with its downhill neighbor this spring. The neighbors agreed to the project for an undisclosed amount of cash.

Nicklawske said the downed tree improves views for guests and, in the long run, will increase the property value of the hotel. “It was money well spent,” he said.

A second downhill neighbor maintains two backyard pine trees obstructing views of the iconic Duluth aerial lift bridge. Negotiations for pine tree removal have been unsuccessful. According to a front yard sign, the neighbors maintain property designated as a “wildlife sanctuary.”

Nicklawske is not optimist about reaching a pine removal agreement. He said other means may come into play.

“North shore wind storms can do some amazing things,” said Nicklawske. “Mother Nature may have the final say in this one.”

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