My name is Mark Nicklawske. Nick if you grew up in North St. Paul. I worked as a journalist in the Twin Cities area for 25 years. When my wife Jen earned her PhD and landed a teaching position at the University of Maine we moved out east. Now we’re back in Minnesota. Jen is teaching at the University of Minnesota Duluth and I’m writing about our adventures on the North Shore.

Read my Maine blog (2012-2015) at: markinmaine.wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “About

  1. So the question is…..will I still get your stuff at facebook or do I have to push some different buttons….yours in technology….Corbett.


  2. Nick~I want to thank you for your blog RE:visiting the grave of Chestervllle, Maine, Civil War veteran Joseph Brown French. I’m a volunteer for Maine Old Cemetery Asso. working to preserve our ancient cemeteries as well as helping Chesterville document/locate all of their veterans graves. Their heritage society was unaware that Joseph’s Civil War Diary was in Bangor, or that he was buried in Fayette, or that you’d transcribed his diary & tweeted excerpts! We’re also working to post photos to the Findagrave website ~ may we use your beautiful photo showing his flag flying? Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


    1. Thank you for reading. Yes, you can use the photo. It would be an honor. I have lots of beautiful pictures from that cemetery. If you want them I could send you a few. Cheers!


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