Sliding uphill

Heavy snowfall makes winter driving in Minnesota a real pain, but drop a light dusting over Duluth hills and dangerous driving is taken to a new place: The uphill slide. A quick YouTube search shows how cars, trucks and buses are no match for ice-covered avenues that tilt down at black diamond angles through this … More Sliding uphill

Mountain bike rides are life; better put on a helmet

  Sometimes a good mountain bike ride can take us to new levels, places higher than the hills above the city, deeper than rushing river ravines and beyond our own preconceived limitations. A good mountain bike ride travels into the wilderness. And just when we feel lost, the trail leads to a jaw-dropping view that pinpoints our … More Mountain bike rides are life; better put on a helmet

An eye for the owls

I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for owls on deep woods hikes and long, lonely dirt road bike rides for years. I would scan the tree tops on river side trails, look deep into frozen swamp land or stop and scour low hanging branches at the edge of quiet meadows. Nothing. Turns out I was looking in … More An eye for the owls