A trolley bus, an accordion and a legend named Starfire

A magical trolley bus, an amazing accordion band and a tale of misfortune dripping with irony brought an end to my week prowling the biggest music festival/birthday party in the northland last Saturday night. The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival is an eight-day extravaganza featuring some 200 local bands, dozens of Twin Ports venues and more than 5,000 wristband-wearing … More A trolley bus, an accordion and a legend named Starfire

An eye for the owls

I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for owls on deep woods hikes and long, lonely dirt road bike rides for years. I would scan the tree tops on river side trails, look deep into frozen swamp land or stop and scour low hanging branches at the edge of quiet meadows. Nothing. Turns out I was looking in … More An eye for the owls

Deer in the alley

A small herd of deer like to hike up and down our alley. I snapped this picture last week after a snowfall. These two teenagers strolled across the front yard looking for food while I worked on my truck in the garage driveway. They munched on an evergreen bush and tossed occasional sideways glances at … More Deer in the alley

The little brother bridge, a troublemaker

Everybody loves the good-looking and charming Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge but few know about a troublesome little brother named Blue. It’s a strange relationship. The mighty Aerial Lift Bridge guards the Duluth ship canal like an all-state goalie protects a hockey net. Nothing gets past this thing without a couple of foghorn blasts. The bridge is … More The little brother bridge, a troublemaker